Korrective was born when our Founder realized that everyone doesn't have the same resources and opportunity to overcome poor posture and repetitive strain injuries


Fitness Trainer, Founder

Andrew's health and fitness journey started at an earlier age.  His curiosity in psychology and biology was piqued in college and led to a BA and MA in Psychology and a career in coaching.  Andrew has worked as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach, worked along side former NY Yankees strength coaching coach as a coach and Director of Operations for boutique fitness gyms, owner of his own mobile training company, and as a consultant for a health and fitness start-up in NYC.

Andrew is a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is on a mission to share the best corrective exercise programs to help people figure out what is the best workout for performance and longevity.


Workout anywhere, anytime

Don't worry, you can bring Korrective anywhere and everywhere. Our platform has been designed to be mobile-friendly. 


Here is how we are different

Korrective is a melting pot of the best proven holistic approaches to relieving and overcoming poor posture and repetitive strain injuries.

The fundamental idea that has driven Korrective's training philosophy is:

"You don't know what you don't know."

To our benefit and demise the human body quite literally has a mind of its own. This makes the body susceptible to learning really bad habits like bad posture and muscle bruising compensating movements especially after too much sitting, too much device using and too much repetitive motions.

Through decades of experience we know that with better information and coaching you can actually help people solve their own problems.

Our corrective exercise programs will help you become more aware of what your doing wrong and then teaches you how to use your body properly so you keep doing the things you love (and never have to slow down again)!

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