The Origin Story of Korrective

Trying to create something new and valuable is really hard.

As a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Health and Fitness entrepreneur I have tried many things over the years that I thought would "take off" - from monthly subscription fitness boxes, to a fitness news website that curated the "best" information to a failed stress relief app called Kopely (read more about how COVID-19 affected Kopely here).

But, like any optimist you have to dust off the failures and keep trying something new until it sticks. In hindsight Korrective has been in the making for most of my life- Son of a Chiropractor, a brother of a Pain Management Doctor and a cousin to three other Chiropractors. I was interested in performance as a young tennis player but I became even more interested in corrective exercise when my body started breaking down as a college athlete. All of my interest then led to a career into prevention and performance as a Strength and Conditioning Coach (more about my bio here).

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed by movement and figuring out what is the "best" training program for people and athletes. This enthusiasm led to my own personal training business that helped my clients reach their performance potential all the while working through repetitive strain injuries, bad movement habits and getting back to optimal performance post physical therapy.

I feel so strongly about Korrective because their are a several truths as humans we can't ignore:

  1. We only get one body so we should take care of it

  2. Most people would choice a life of "feeling good" versus "feeling bad"

  3. No one teaches us how to stand or how to move properly

Korrective wants to become the "instruction manual" to help people of all backgrounds to regain their optimal performance and to feel good so that they can keep do the things they love.

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